OKAY! KENJI, the Atlanta-born recording artist, music producer, and songwriter, is an unstoppable force making waves in the Asian Hip Hop scene. With an impressive background working alongside industry giants like Rihanna, Future, and Migos, KENJI has emerged from behind-the-scenes to share his own artistry and story. What sets him apart is his unmatched versatility and self-sufficiency, handling every aspect of his music independently. From producing captivating beats to writing deeply existential lyrics that voice the angst of being human, OKAY! KENJI's talent knows no bounds. His blossoming fanbase, known as the 'KEEPERS,' spans the globe and finds solace in his authentic and introspective approach. With an unwavering DIY attitude and a passion for mental health awareness, OKAY! KENJI not only creates music but also advocates for meaningful change. Prepare to be captivated by his unique sound, undeniable talent, and relentless pursuit of artistic independence.

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